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Florida's creamiest Ice Cream

Our Story

I remember as a boy sitting on top of my dad’s ice cream maker as he would crank it by hand, churning out homemade ice cream every Saturday as a longstanding family tradition. We would enjoy a meal prepared by my mother, and then we would get to my favorite part, the delicious, creamy ice cream for dessert.

From that time on, I always had the dream of owning my own ice cream company that would make old-fashioned style ice cream for other families to enjoy. Those Saturday nights, eating ice cream together as a family, brought so much joy into my life. My hope is that the ice cream we make at Yoder’s Southern Creamery would help bring joy into the lives of the families who eat our ice cream.

I truly hope you love our ice cream as you enjoy it with your friends and family.

Bill Yoder
Founder and Owner, Yoder’s Southern Creamery

All of our flavors are made in small batches with personal care and attention. Every ounce is drawn out by hand and carefully crated by our creamery team.

We make ice cream the old fashioned way - with quality, care, and superior ingredients. This is what makes our product the creamiest ice cream in Florida.

We make all of our ice cream right here in Sarasota, FL - our home town. We are always listening to our customers and making creative new flavors.

Local Partners


Yoder’s Southern Creamery ice cream is distributed by Sutter’s Quality Foods a family owned business that began as a chicken egg farm in Sarasota in the early 1960’s. Today, Sutter’s delivers local dairy items, orange juice, high quality eggs and award winning cheeses to many restaurants and markets along Florida’s gulf coast.

We view this business as more than just selling products at a fair price. It is our vision and goal to make a positive difference in people’s lives. You are important to us, and we care about you!

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